Secure Data Sharing Platform

Monetize Your Data

The aqfer Marketplace is secure data sharing platform providing aqfer SaaS solution licensees (service providers or enterprise brands) the ability to securely share their data (products and services) directly with other partners on the aqfer partner network.


  • Share data efficiently without moving data or creating additional pipelines
  • No transformation or loading of data required
  • Once a data connection is established and data has been provisioned, the data is immediately available for use without any delay

Real Time Data

  • No more stale data or waiting for quarterly batch updates
  • Marketplace data is always up to date and available for partner use


  • No additional pixels required
  • No additional data syndication file formats to support
  • Eliminates the need of sending extremely large data files to multiple partners

Data Direct Agreements

  • Data sharing business agreements are between the aqfer partner and the aqfer licensee  
  • Create your data sharing business agreements direct with other enterprises and without additional costs to share data.

How It Works

The aqfer Marketplace simplifies the process of data sharing between participating partners by building secure bridges, allowing partners to share information in their Data Lake directly with other aqfer Partners.  Data Licensee’s remain in complete control of their data and explicitly define which partners are granted access to data/products within their Data Lake.

Marketplace Terms

The aqfer Marketplace is restricted to current aqfer licensees and there is no additional charge to utilize the marketplace.  Any joint marketing of the aqfer Marketplace will be detailed in the marketplace services agreement.  The benefit to aqfer, aqfer partner and aqfer licensee is the marketplace itself, and the established connections, thought leadership, and use cases.

Marketplace Partners

Initial partners include ShareThis and AirDXP.  Additional partners to be announced as the aqfer Marketplace expands.

Data Pricing

All agreements and pricing for partner products will be directly between the aqfer partner and the aqfer licensee.

Data Licensee

Yearly service fee to enable and maintain the data sharing services.