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Our latest white paper, "Marketing Data Lakes: SI-Ready and Future Proof" is out! Click here download it and learn why "doing data right" has proven to be as challenging as it can be lucrative for brands, publishers, and technology providers alike, and why the Marketing Data Lake, a cross between the CDP and the traditional data lake is about to change all that. 

Aqfer Adds Rob Cantave to Lead Solution Consulting

Aqfer, the next generation marketing-centric data solution is pleased to announce the addition of Rob Cantave as VP Solution Consulting.

Rob has worked in online marketing and marketing technology for over 20 years, first leading in-house marketing functions in healthcare staffing and hospitality before pivoting to consulting where he led web personlization efforts for a dozen top-tier firms.   

aqfer Launches Next-Generation SI-Ready Marketing Data Lake

aqfer's last data lake solution enables systems integrators (SIs) or engineers building digital marketing platforms for managed service providers (MSPs), ad tech companies or marketing agencies to drastically reduce the time and cost associated with customizing solutions for marketers while simultaneously increasing data integration and management functionality and dramatically reducing support and operating costs.

Aqfer Names Daniel Jaye As New CEO

Aqfer, Inc., the leading SaaS provider of Marketing Data Lakes, today announced that Daniel Jaye will be joining the company full time in the role of Chief Executive Officer.  

Aqfer Adds Chris Martin as Enterprise Sales Executive

Aqfer, the next generation marketing-centric data solution is pleased to announce the addition of Chris Martin as Enterprise Sales Executive

Chris has worked in and around advertising, data and technology doing marketing, business development and account management for over 20 years. 

It’s Compliance Time: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Every story exploring how much data companies have on us can be quite scary, and one new piece (in The New York Times) is no exception. We learn that more than 75 companies draw specific data from apps designed to serve up benign information, such as news and weather; some of those businesses track 200 million mobile devices in the U.S.; and details on movement, purchases, etc. are updated thousands of times a day.

From ownership to possession: brands need to take back their data

Companies that should own the data, and technically do own the data, often don’t have the data. Taking it back will drastically alter the data-driven business dynamic, better guard against non-compliance and asset theft, and benefit the bottom line.

How Marketers Can Get a Clear Picture of the Consumer Journey

The traditional purchase funnel spans multiple channels, resulting in difficulties understanding the influence of each touchpoint of a customer's journey. In this Q&A, Marc Sabatini, CEO of enterprise data platform solution aqfer, discusses how marketers can take back control of their data and put it to work for them.

Short Side View Of Customer 360

A spate of new releases from big companies doesn’t meet all (or any) of the needs for this critical area.

For those of us who have been in the trenches of data collation and analytics for all this time, the current buzz over new attempts at Customer 360 is truly gratifying

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Redefining Real Time

In this digital era, just how real is real time? We know the drill: No matter what we do or what we need to do, it must be in real time. But for marketers in many disciplines, always seeking to enhance the connection between company, product, message, medium and target, shouldn’t operability be as important? Let’s step back and, yes, take a little time to reassess priorities.