Marc Sabatini

PALO ALTO, CA/NEW YORK, NY, May 17, 2018 – aqfer is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Sabatini as the company’s new CEO. Marc joined aqfer in March 2018 to lead the company in its mission to deliver the next generation data platform solution for first-party enterprise marketing.  

Today’s companies are inundated with valuable marketing data in disparate systems and struggle with how to bring it together in an actionable way. A data centric marketing architecture is key to connecting and enabling that data to create a better customer experience and execute more effective marketing and advertising campaigns. aqfer was founded by a team of highly successful entrepreneurs including: Raymie Stata, Daniel Jaye, Paul Cimino, Ellen Salisbury, and Thiruvalluvan M G, to fulfill Dan and Raymie’s vision for a scalable and repeatable marketing data lake environment that empowers enterprises to realize the full potential of their data while meeting today’s data governance and consumer privacy requirements.

“We are excited to have Marc’s vision and leadership on our team as we bring this unique marketing technology to market. His drive for excellence and customer satisfaction is just what we need to cultivate the aqfer business.” said Raymie Stata, Executive Chairman

“The market is in need of a solution and toolkit like ours to help technologists and marketers better manage the challenges associated with big data in today’s data driven marketing and advertising environment,” said Sabatini. “Our ability to help enterprises take control of their marketing data with a Data-Centric Marketing Architecture solves significant digital marketing challenges and enables powerful and agile marketing applications.”

Mr. Sabatini has over 20 years of experience delivering technology and data solutions in direct marketing, CRM, and omnichannel digital marketing with solution providers like Epsilon, Donnelly Marketing, and InfoUSA, as well as a successful start-up venture, Advantage Insight. With extensive enterprise and emerging marketing technology expertise, Mr. Sabatini has a consistent track record of bringing the right solution to clients by delivering innovative thought leadership, problem solving, and connecting the right people. 

About aqfer:

Founded in May 2016, aqfer offers the next generation enterprise data platform solution that enables companies to get to the truth about their customers and their data. Like an aquifer, the aqfer solution functions as a semi-permeable container which allows for marketing data to be collected from all existing systems, refined and then distributed to the various marketing and advertising platforms to bring personalized, relevant messages to customers. The aqfer solution allows the CMO and CTO to have certainty about their data. The company’s solutions today are successfully implemented with a variety of Ad-tech, Mar-tech, and digital agencies.