Programmatic & Automation/Problems & Answers Town Hall

New York – Leveraging CDPs: Hype and Reality

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 – 3:00-6:00

SUNY Global Center, 116 E. 55th Street


Join us September 5th at the next Programmatic & Automation Town Hall (PATH) where we will be discussing Leveraging CDPs: Hype and Reality. 

Understanding the customer data platform is easier said than done. This town hall is designed to cut through the hype and delve into real world strategy with players on the front lines. PATH is an intimate and unique opportunity to participate in a practical, off-the-record dialogue.

About PATH

PATH is a unique forum created by Prohaska Consulting where critical industry issues can be discussed openly among various stakeholders, facilitated by unbiased leaders. PATH was developed in response to requests from leading executives, who seek to generate solutions to vexing problems in closed-door, confidential sessions.

The audience may attend by invitation only and includes roughly equal numbers of respected buyers and sellers, along with a small group of trade association executives with a vested interest in the topic. Numbers are limited to facilitate discussion. Press are not invited to encourage frank discussion.

 Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting, will be moderating this PATH event.