1st Party Tag Management and Web Beacons


Integrate with the Ecosystem on YOUR TERMS

  • Configurable tag and beacon management under your domain
  • Own and store marketing data in your own "data lake" alongside your other enterprise data
  • Leverage our data ingestion, management and analytics tools

Batch + Streaming

Where and When You Want It

  • Parsed and validated data delivered on a batch or streaming basis
  • Endpoints: Your own SAP Altiscale Big Data Insight Cloud, Amazon S3 or  Google Cloud
  • Spark and Kafka + Spark Streaming pipelines 


Fast, Reliable AND Scaleable

  • Sixth-generation web beacon architecture is entirely edge-deployed
  • Akamai's gold standard CDN provides best latency + scaleability
  • Same availability profile as largest online publishers

Get your billions (of rows of data) back, America

Aqfer Tag Manager is enabling the next generation of Data-Centric Marketing Architectures for Solution Providers, Brands and Publishers.

Don't be held hostage by vendors who hold the marketing data "exhaust" from your marketing program spending. Bring that data back home to your own scaleable data lake where your data scientists and our tools can extract real business value from its integration with your other enterprise and cross-channel data assets.

Current Customers:

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New and Noteworthy

Now supporting fast and efficient Parquet format data delivery to S3 for easy and inexpensive analytics using Amazon Athena and Quicksight.