Enterprise Marketing Data Environment for Data Vendors


Data compilers and aggregators who want to sell digital or multichannel data solutions.


Adtech 3rd parties leave data companies 10% gross margin and 10% reach making it impossible for data companies to make money in digital advertising. 


Aqfer has a Data Environment for data companies allowing them supplement their existing data supply chain increasing scale and transparency. Aqfer also enables data companies to share identity linkage in real time via Aqfer I/O.


For a better value and agile approach, than the cost of a DMP or CDP, data companies can use Aqfer Tag Manager for data identity / tagging, and Aqfer Data Lake for retrieval, collation, machine learning, and distribution.

Create valuable, differentiated data products

Eliminate middle men (extra hops) and 'tolls'

Create/own your own user/entity identity key