Enterprise Marketing Data Environment for People-Centric Marketing


Brands who want to optimize spend across channels.


Currently above the line (brand advertisings), performance marketing and retention marketing are not coordinated, therefore brands don’t know what audiences are seeing and reacting to what campaigns.


Aqfer has a Data Environment for brands allowing them to aggregate and unify any / all advertising data around a 1st party identity graph, giving them a unilateral view and indexing capability around their audiences and their spend.


For a better value and agile approach, than the hassle of an in house solution, enterprise brands can use Aqfer Tag Manager for data identity / tagging and graph ingestion along with and Aqfer Data Lake for retrieval, collation, machine learning, and distribution. Using the Aqfer platform brands can achieve long sought after goals of day-parting, frequency capping and optimizing targeting of core audience across media.

Implement person based marketing into your solution

Improve your audience segment reach and performance

Enable full attribution and analytics