Enterprise Marketing Data Environment for Real Time Data


Adtech and Martech companies who want to leverage Aqfer I/O’s real time data capability.


Currently Adtech and Martech companies have to synchronize each other’s databases via manual batch processes or cumbersome individual manual API connections. This frequently prevents them from innovating core product leaving them stagnant.


Aqfer has a Data Environment for Adtech and Martech companies allowing them to exchange identity, attribution and segmentation data in real time.


For a better value and agile approach, than the cost and hassle of in house solutions, Tech companies can use Aqfer Tag Manager for data identity / tagging and graph ingestion along with and Aqfer Data Lake for retrieval, collation, machine learning, and distribution.

Deliver just in time data to the digital ecosystem

Improve your audience segment reach and performance

Enable new products and solutions