The obstacles and complexities associated with creating and maintaining a data-driven source of analytical truth across vast amounts of data has become exponentially more difficult.

Understanding and organizing all signals from all touchpoints remains a challenge for most organizations.

Many CDP’s claim to solve for this however, they are often lacking many of the key components of a true Data Centric Marketing Architecture.



Common Architecture

Bring Your Data To The Apps

Aqfer believes a CDP should be open and pluggable at every layer

Provide functionality for partners to build their own applications, services, and API’s

Maintain data in source form

Support a ‘Bring Your Apps’ to the data philosophy

Join PII & Non-PII in a privacy compliant manner


Aqfer Architecture

Bring Your Apps To The Data



The Aqfer Solution

- Packaged SaaS CDP Toolkit
- Flexible Data Model
- Scalable & Repeatable 
- GDPR Compliant 
- Multi-Source Entity Graph Integration 
- Real-time Data Access
- First party Tag Manager 
- PII Deidentification and Integration