A customer journey helps paint a holistic picture of each interaction with a company, product or service.  It's a stream of online and offline interactions unique to each individual. Understanding the customer journey across platforms, channels as well as both upper and lower funnel interactions is essential in creating a unified 360 view.   

The Challenges

Today’s path to purchase is complex. As consumers interact with brands across multiple channels, devices and technologies, understanding the customer journey and influence for each of your touchpoints can be a challenge.

Oftentimes these valuable interactions remain siloed, inaccessible to internal marketing and planning tools, resulting in an incomplete customer view. 

Most companies are only analyzing events at the bottom of the funnel

Many OEM and CPG companies do not understand all the actions users take before they get to their websites.

Oftentimes retail is only looking at conversions

The Solution

Break down silos across departments and channels by aggregating all data (email, mobile, web, social, crm, offline, etc...) in a unified data lake.

Implement a single identity model by which all behaviors can be to linked to individuals in a privacy safe manner and leverage this  robust data across all internal platforms.




The Aqfer Customer Journey

Provides a holistic view of the path to purchase across the entire sales funnel and includes support for the following:

- Privacy/governance support:  Strips off PII data and refines so that all data can be stored in the Data Lake without privacy concerns (whereas only a subset can go the other way)

- Pseudonymized Version of the CRM:  Extends the CDP by creating a privacy safe view of the data (hashed CRM id) that can be leveraged by analytic apps

- Includes support for advertising data